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Archive for December 2017

Wired vs Wireless Network Connections

It’s a wireless society we live in now.  You can connect to a wireless internet connection while eating at a restaurant or sitting in the park.  Naturally when we are at home or the office we also enjoy the freedom of a wireless connection.  Sometimes we forget about those ports on the back of our…

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Help! My Email Has Been Hacked

I’m hearing the complaint of hacked email more and more often lately.  Typically someone finds that their contacts are receiving messages from them that they didn’t send.  The next two questions are what do I do? and how did this happen? It could have occurred in several different ways but one of the most common…

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Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drive

If you’ve been out computer shopping or browsing computer specs somewhere you may have noticed the term solid state drive (SSD).  A solid state drive is a newer alternative to the traditional hard drive in your computer.   The big difference between older hard drives and new solid state drives is that the SSD has no…

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Mailbird – Desktop email client for Windows 10 and Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service with over 1 billion active monthly accounts.  It’s free, reliable, and easy to access on whatever device you may be using whether it’s Windows, Apple, or Android.  For many people using the mobile app or webmail is perfectly fine.  Still, there are conveniences that come with having a…

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