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What is OneDrive?

Maybe you’ve seen the little cloud icon in your taskbar and wondered exactly what it meant.  It’s called OneDrive and it’s a product of Microsoft.  OneDrive is a an online file hosting service (cloud storage).  The application comes built into Windows 10, so it’s there whether you want it or not. The  service is comparable…

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Should I buy a computer with a touch screen?

Touchscreens are pretty cool, there is no denying that we live in a time when it feels like it’s the modern standard for displays.  Your smartphone and tablet rely on the screen for almost all of their input.  So, why wouldn’t you want a PC with a touchscreen too?  It turns out there are a…

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Which Web Browser Should You Use?

There are dozens of web browsers that you can install on your Windows PC.  You have probably heard from someone that this one or that one is the safest or fastest, but which one should you really pick?  I’m going to mainly talk about 3 of the top modern browsers… these are Chrome, Firefox, and…

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How to sign into Windows 10 without a password

Microsoft would really like you to create a Microsoft online account when you are setting up your brand new computer.  That’s why they make it seem like the default choice.  Most people end up creating an account and password and forever afterwards have to use it when logging into their computer simply because they thought…

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Where is the Control Panel in Windows 10?

Microsoft moved a lot of familiar things in Windows 10, but many of them are still around in hidden places.  You can easily access the familiar style Windows control panel by right clicking the Windows “start” button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.  The menu will look something like this:  It also…

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How to get Microsoft Office for Free

There are a lot of different versions of Microsoft Office and it can be more than a little confusing to the average consumer.  There is the traditional desktop version that you purchase with a one time payment and install on your computer.  Office Home and Student 2016 comes with the core office apps – Word,…

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Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again (Really)

Why is it that your IT guy is always asking you to turn your computer off and on again?  Well because many times this actually takes care of the problem. If the problem is from an anomaly from a software glitch that is only created after a certain sequence of events, this usually works.  When…

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Is This Site Safe?

“Is this site safe?” or “is this email legit?” are two of the most common questions I get asked on a daily basis.  The conversation usually begins something like this, Client: “So, I received this email from [legit company] saying that my account has a problem and I need to do something about it.  What…

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