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Windows 10 Update and Sleep Mode Issues

There is a known issue with the Windows 10 Creator’s update causing problems with graphics drivers when coming out of sleep mode.  I’ve had quite a few people contact me lately with some variation of this.  Sometimes the computer simply will not wake from sleep mode.  Sometimes the display looks like you have a broken monitor with weird lines or pixels.  There are a couple of ways you can handle this.  The first is simply to go into the settings and change when the computer sleeps.  To get to the sleep settings you can type “sleep” in the Cortana search box and it will pop up as an option. Note: if your Cortana search box is missing, just right click the task bar and put a check mark in “show search box” under Cortana.  Once the sleep setting is open you can choose when to put the computer to sleep… set it to “Never”.

The other thing you can do is update the graphics driver for your computer.  This may or may not fix the issue.  Find the model of your computer and download the latest graphics driver for your model on your manufacturer’s (HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.) website under their drivers section.

Get Dell Drivers Here

Get HP Drivers Here

Get Lenovo Drivers Here

After you have downloaded the driver you will need to run the file to install it.  Then you will need to restart your computer to update your settings.

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