Business PC Services

In addition to our normal computer services, we provide a preventive maintenance service program to address the needs of businesses. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, hardware component cleaning and software updates are performed on a regular schedule. By having routine maintenance procedures clients can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or hardware failure. The information below represents some of the processes that are performed during maintenance.  Maintenance plans start at just $75/month.

Virus and Spyware Protection

We ensure you have currently liscensed protection software and updated definitions to your anti-virus and anti-spyware. Missing the latest updates is a serious risk because you expose your network to the newest viruses.

Data Backup

We check your backup system to see if files and data are being properly copied according to a regular schedule. The more often you are able to back up, the better. Losing even one week’s worth of data can cause a huge problem for most businesses.

Hardware Cleaning

Good preventative hardware maintenance starts with clean internal components. Dust and dirt build up over time can cause circuit boards to overheat and generally shorten the life of your computers. We make sure fans are working and proper air flow is being acheived as well.
Operating System Updates

Keeping your operating system up to date is just as important as having anti-virus protection. Having the latest patches installed can make the difference between leaving your system open to intruders and maintaining a secure network.

System Tune-Up

All computer systems slow down with time due to “unnecessary baggage” created through daily use. This baggage can come in the form of temporary files, useless startup programs, cluttered hard drive, and bad registry entries. We keep these things under control to allow your computers to operate at maximum efficiency.