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Archive for October 2017

What are cookies on my computer?

If you use a computer at all, you’ve probably heard the term “cookie” mentioned a few times but you may not be quite sure what it means.  It’s not a very descriptive term.  What are they for?  Are they good or bad? Cookies are small text files that are created and stored on your computer’s…

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Resetting your Windows 10 Password

It happens to most people sooner or later.  For one reason or another you get locked out of Windows.  If you’ve got a Microsoft account (one that you set up with an email address) you can go here to reset it. What if you no longer have access to that email address?  That makes things…

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What’s the difference in memory and hard drive?

RAM (computer memory) and hard drive storage are often confused by your typical computer consumer. This is probably because they are both measured in the same units.  Megabytes or more commonly today gigabytes of data are used to define both types of hardware. Most computers today have somewhere between 1 and 16 GB of RAM,…

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